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    Wip Freebooter/Freighter Deck Plan WIP

    I've been doing several sci-fi commissions lately (samples can be found in my map portfolio) so I thought I would do a ship layout just for the hell of it. Here is the freebooter/freighter that I am calling The Aeschylus. It isn't tied to any one RPG system specifically but I have taken some ideas from Traveller. I'm still working out the details - both technically and background wise. This is the middle level. There will be several more levels above and below this deck plan.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    1. Engineering
    2. Cargo Hull (the striped section is a cargo lift that lowers/raises to the lower and upper levels)
    3. Lifts/Elevators
    4. Escape Pods
    5. Living Quarters
    6. Energy Weapons
    7. Sick bay
    8. Conference Room
    9. Fuel Tanks

    Scale is 1 square = 5' x 5' x10'
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