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    I have a small question which could probably turn into a small discussion here.

    Obviously there might be quite a few sites on the net, of which Template Monster is the most popular, which provide design template packages for a certain fee. A while ago I was hinted, by a designer acquaintance that there is an open market for unique templates. Meaning design packages which are sold not as a copy but as a single product - similar to a customer ordering design done.

    I am not a designer or a specialist in the design industry in particular so I cannot asses the full market potential. I did a small search on the web and found several providers of unique design templates. My question is however concerning the relative profitability of such a venture. Existing numbers do not unfortunately reflect the current market structure, therefore I would like to hear some opinions from people who are closer related to the industry. Is there substantial demand for such products provided for example I can offer prices substantially below existing market ones?

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    Hi Hansika, the Cartographers' Guild is a forum which is about (mainly fantasy) Cartography, not design templates. We are quite assidiuous about deleting spam and banning users for posting spam and your post is on the edge of that, although conceivably I can see an overlap between cartography and design templates, so I'll let this post ride for now provided that your query is about design templates for maps which will be of interest to the audience of this forum.

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