Hey guys! First up, have to say I love this website. The guild? The concept? Amazing. Giving a place for folks to practise a some what dying if not dead trade is fantastic. This isn't the place for introductions so I'll quit that before I get started and move onto my question.

After looking over some of the maps here I was inspired to create my own for a book I'm writing. I went out and brought my self a copy of CC3. I played about with it all of last night and I think after all the tutorials I've a pretty basic but well rounded understanding of how it works. The map Ystraad is what really got me inspired. I've been struggling however to recreate the basic land shape.

When I make my own islands, particularly the smaller islands, they don't have much "shape" to them. Even the larger islands end up rather bland in comparison to the Ystraad map. I've fiddled with every setting I could find and have not managed to make much of a difference. The smaller the island is the less detail I get. I've even tried making a HUGE map, 5000x5000. I still ended up with the same problem.

I've read through as many posts on this forum as I could find but did not manage to find anything which related to my problem. Does anyone have any pointers or a good tutorial I could run through? The official tutorials while great for basic information didn't touch anything more complex with regards to shapes.

Thanks in advance!