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Thread: Geography Check - My First Map!

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    Hey guys, just starting out with my first map. I'm going to be using CC3 and PS. I've been reading the forums and I've learned that getting the rivers/lakes right is one of the keys to a convincing map. Even though my map is going to of a fantasy style, I'd like it to make sense. I've tried to follow the rules I've read here, but could someone check my map over and let me know if I'm heading in the right direction? Cheers!

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    The curved lines will be mountain ranges, and the rivers.. Well, those are the black wavey lines. ^^

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    Looks good so far..."You shall pass!" (said in my best Gandalf voice). That one lake with the river flowing into it needs an outflow to the sea though.
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    Would a sump work? If the inflow was greater than the outflow it would form a lake right? Would also give me a nice cave system for use at some point. I've no idea if lakes of that size could drain into a sump without creating an over flowing river mind. I could just add the river like I should in the start too though! Thanks for checking the map over Ascension.

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    Ascension already spotted the one potential 'river infraction'. But if you have a 'reason' (such as sadistic SMURFs draining the lake for their own evil purposes) for the lake to have no 'out flow' then I wouldn't worry about it all that much.
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    Cheers guys! I'll keep you updated with how the progress goes with humble hopes of your constructive critique!

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