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    Map Wolfdell Village - by delgondahntelius

    Map (Click to enlarge)

    Created in: Photoshop from original hand sketched pencil.

    This is a beautiful example of hand drawn pencil work combined with computer touch up.

    delgondahntelius says:
    I had been meaning to post this up for a while, the finished version of Wolfdell. Thank you to all those that posted your comments and suggestions to the WIP, and special thanks to Jojo for all his help. It went from hand sketched to many, many varied techniques.

    Wolfdell was the remote village that I wanted to start a 4e campaign in. I used the backdrop from my son's world in which a great hero felled a dragon of evil and enormous proportions. I thought it would be cool if the skull of that dragon had been found and then turned into an inn and tavern. Thus was born the Cutterspite's Last Rest (AKA Dragon Skull Inn). So I built a village around the inn and wanted to render it in full color in either Illustrator or Photoshop, and attempt to find some sort of style in the process.

    The greatest influence as many of you might have realized, was Mike Schley. Introduced really to Schley's maps through fourth edition I was estactic that he decided to post up a map or three, and even more elated that he eloborated on his techniques. So the biggest influence was this artist and his free tips and knowledge with PS and his style of cartography. So I scrapped what I had done previously with the village and set out with a new PS file from scratch, the above which is the final product.

    While I'm usually my own worst critic, I really am proud of how this turned out. As always, I couldn't have done it without the members of this board, and I thank all of you for your positive encouragement on my art. Thank you all.
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