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Thread: Salutations from an old cartographer

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    Post Salutations from an old cartographer

    Hi Everyone.
    I am an old style cartographer, hand drawing maps in 3D.
    I am just starting up to draw out more maps, some in 3D, others will be large regional maps.
    I would like to post my progress and get some freeback and help.

    Here is an image of one of my old maps.

    A 3D version of Apple Lane in Glorantha.

    Colour version is here.

    A bit more about me.
    Darran Sims
    Devoted husband, Grandfather of seven, Artist, Cartographer,and keen HeroQuest narrator. As a RPG Convention List Compiler he attends six conventions per year across Europe. His work as an Entertainment Venue Manager means he gets to meet the equally famous and obscure of Britain's popular culture. Darran has a small mischievous streak [that is a mile deep!] and often boarders on pure schadenfreude. With a penchant for drawing weapons he is certainly not a man to cross.
    Darran helps organise TWO major RPG Conventions in the UK; Furnace and Continuum.

    I look forward to posting here.
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    Welcome aboard. You'll fit in quite nicely around here. I really like that chunk thing (I have no idea what it's called as I'm quite the unlettered fool) that gives us an idea of the elevation. Most of us also love the hand-drawn illustration work. Hope we get to see more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ascension View Post
    Most of us also love the hand-drawn illustration work. Hope we get to see more.
    Yup, indeed we do

    On both accounts.

    Have some rep for the illustration too
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    Welcome to the Guild, Darran. Love the hand drawn 3D map. I like the pencil version more than the colour one. Don't get me wrong, I like the colour one as well but the black & white rocks!

    Paratime Design Cartography

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    Welcome to the Guild. Have some REP for that fine intro map!
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    Gamers don't get old. They just need more time with their wives!

    Welcome. Nice map.

    Well done hand drawn maps are still as good or better than anything else in any other style.

    I think its good to have another RuneQuest fan around .


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    Welcome Aboard!

    Interesting style you have, looking forward to seeing more.
    Have some more rep for showing us a map in your intro post *bonk*
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    Thanks for the welcome Guys!

    I'll be posting more maps soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ascension View Post
    I really like that chunk thing (I have no idea what it's called as I'm quite the unlettered fool) that gives us an idea of the elevation.
    It is called a block diagram map as I have just learnt.

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    Oh yes thats very nice and it will be great seeing more of your stuff.

    Theres a link in my sig for the members map if you want to wave the flag for Derby ! Nice area.

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