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Thread: Image Stitcher - cure your FTPro mulitple image export blues!

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    Post Image Stitcher - cure your FTPro mulitple image export blues!

    A kind friend whipped up this little program for me after I told him about my FTPro blues. Those blues, for those not knowing, involve its inability to export a huge hi-res file (30000px across) like I want. I'm left with exporting multiple files, and then stitching them back together again. A process which, I must say, is tedious.

    This program worked like a charm, stitching 18 5000px x 5000px images together in record time. The actual command line I used follows (I just paste it, quotes and all, onto the command line:

    "d:\program files\java\jre6\bin\java.exe" -Xmx4096M -jar "c:\stitcher\ImageStitcher.jar" "c:\stitcher\i\i.txt" "c:\stitcher\i"

    It's a .jar file for Java, so I think it's cross-platform (any testers?).

    Rob was kind enough to let me post it an share it with all of you.

    Anyone wanting to buy him a beer can send the money to me. I'll pass it on when I pick up his case.

    Give this a try.

    To run it:

    1. Its Java! Thats what I know ... so you need Java 1.5 or better on your machine
    2. open a command line window
    3. type in the following command

    "<path to java executable>" -jar "<path to ImageSticher.jar>" "<path to image list file>" "<base directory for images>"

    For Example
    "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_05\bin\java.exe" -jar "d:\temp\ImageStitcher.jar" "c:\temp files\imageList.txt" "c:\my images"

    <path to image list file> - replace this with the absolute path to a simple text file that contains a comma delimited list of filenames (relative to the base directory specified by <base directory for images>.

    Example content:


    <base directory for images> - replace this with the absolute path to the directory that your images are in (they can be in subdirectories of this directory too if you match up the names in the image file list)

    Input files can be (I think) jpeg, gif, bmp, or png
    Output file will always be bmp.

    * I add -Xmx4096M to the command line to give it enough juice to combine 18 5000pxx5000px files, else it runs out of memory
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