A few months ago, three "old school" D&D blogs: Sham's Grog 'n Blog, my Old Guy RPG Blog and Mike's Society of the Torch, Pole and Rope put our collective DM-evilness together and came up with a neat template/map to help people create dungeons quickly and effectively, by concentrating on the meat and allowing the user of the dungeon to add in the flavor, fluff and setting.

A few weeks later, that little creation was "discovered" outside of our little niche by Philippe-Antoine (Chatty DM) Menard who runs a blog called Musings of the Chatty DM. Chatty contacted me with an idea and thus The One Page Dungeon Creation Contest was born!

The idea of the contest is to ask readers to create one dungeon level (map and filling) in an edition-less format (ex: you can name monsters but you don't provide stats for them) using the one page template that we created a few months ago.

ChattyDM (who is co-running this contest with me) and I, plus Sham/Mike and 2 other RPG bloggers will judge the entries. We have a METRIC TON of prizes and 3 "Grand Prize/Runner Up" categories, plus we'll be awarding alternate categories, like 'most evocative setting', 'Funniest entry', 'Most creative use of a Trap" and so on.

Once we've named winners, we'll be compiling a FREE PDF of the winners/runner-ups and releasing it to the community at large.

Prizes include:
Grand Prize

* Patron membership of Wolfgang Baur's Open Design
* Quarterly membership to Monte Cook's Dungeon a Day
* A full Licence for Smitework's Fantasy Grounds II
* 1 year membership to Obsidian Portal
* 50$ Gift Certificate from One-Bookshelf

Grand Prize Runner-Up: Old School Dungeon Design

* Bundle of Necromancer Games product
* Bundle of Brave Halfling Publishing products
* Otherworld Miniatures Demon Idol Miniature
* Bundles of Fight On and Knockspell issues
* Bits of Darkness Bundle from Tabletop Adventures
* 6 month membership Obsidian Portal

Grand Prize Runner-Up: New Edition Dungeon Design

* D&D 4e Dungeon Delve & Adventurer's Vault
* Fantasy Grounds II License
* 6 month membership Obsidian Portal

To divide among other Categories

* Open Design's Kobold's Guide to Game Design
* Quarterly membership to Monte Cook's Dungeon-a-Day
* Bundle of Brave Halfling Publishing PDF products
* Bundle of Knockspell and City Encounter PDFs
* Bundle of Fight On Magazine (issues 1-4 PDFs)
* Tabletop Adventure's Bits of Darkness Bundle
* Tabletop Adventures' Deck O'Names Set
* A few D&D 4e Adventures and Hardcovers
* Otherworld Miniatures - Pig Faced Orcs (Or Box of Minis)
* Goodman Games - The Random Esoteric Creature Generator for Classic Fantasy Role Playing Games and their Modern Simulacra

This contest runs from April 14th till May 14th. For more information and rules, please see my post about the contest and/or Chatty's post.

Cartographer's Guild is the place that I ALWAYS send mappers to for advice and fellowship. Although this contest includes both mapping and stocking/planning, I wanted to make sure that you all knew about it. I know I've been quiet lately (more because I'm writing and not mapping so much...) but this will always be a "home" to me and I'd love to see some of you guys participate.

Good luck to you all who enter!