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Thread: Glorantha Dragon Lands - by Darran

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    Post Glorantha Dragon Lands - by Darran

    Map (Click to enlarge)

    Created in: Hand drawn


    This map by Darran has caught a few people's eyes and it's a handdrawn beauty. It's a RuneQuest map of a part of Glorantha and I doubt that it could have been made using software.

    It is the view of many in the Guild that regardless of the software at our disposal, a map drawn by hand is hard to beat for personality and this is a perfect example.

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    I edited the OP. It appears that the board has case sensitive filenames, so I just modified the URL to change the case of the map name.
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    Thanks guys.

    I have just noticed this on the front page now.
    I'll get the next version of the map posted up tomorrow along with a few different ways of representing the marsh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darran View Post
    I have just noticed this on the front page now.
    Me too.
    Great work, Darran.
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    amazingly detailed! great Work

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    Quote Originally Posted by masudkarim View Post
    In the nineteenth century, Victor Hugo described Bacharach as a 'land of fairy tales, ... the soft-spoken king of Dragon Pass, the talented Steffen 'Stormbringer' ... Greg sent greetings and some new Gloranthan readings from his current home in ... Darren Sims, and a very suspect bunch of usuals for 'Beak No Eval', ..
    Huh? I've read that three times and I still don't understand it. :$

    And to stay on topic, I love this map. Really wonderful artwork.
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    Excellent map, love the angle its drawn from, the 3d effect of this angle i really like, got me thinking about doing my own 3d angle map can i down load it for ref ?

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