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Thread: April Entry [Region 1][Map 11][Town 2] - Tanor

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    Post April Entry [Region 1][Map 11][Town 2] - Tanor

    I'm going to see if my tutorial technique can be pressed to work for towns. Here we go with Valarian's Map of the City States of Akron and the town of Kelen.
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    Yes! More participants - Go Ravs!
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    Ravs, someone else is also doing Kelen
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    These are just ideas I'm jotting down for techiques more than anything else. Why do I do this to myself? I hate mapping at this scale. It's more about illustration and I sucketh at that. Ah well, got to learn sometime. The scale of the final map is probably going to be smaller so I can get more buildings in. Need to think about this one more.

    I think it would actually be easier just to try to draw this sort of map using paper and pencil rather than messing about with layerstyles etc. In fact, I might just do that...
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    It wouldn't be a competition without you, Ravells. Welcome aboard! I love your start. Nothing critical to say except that's about the tiniest walled city I think I've ever seen.
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    It is indeed much faster to do by hand...rotating each building really chews up time. Draw it out by hand (especially roof patterns like shingles or thatch) and then add in the color with PS. The one I'm doing is all in PS and has taken over a week so far.
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