I'm wondering as I peruse our hallowed threads here, what rpg's do my fellow Guildies here play? I suspect we're D20 heavy; is that true? What about you?

Plus, what is the actual flavor/tone of the game you play?

Finally, just for fun, if you feel like it, I like to know something about who's posting what. Say a word or two about that, too!

  • I play GURPS Fantasy via a weekly on-line game. Our game tends to be character-drama heavy, fairly realistic, low-magic, and less "module" driven than campaign driven. Characters have a good chance of croaking in every battle, too, which has interesting affects & effects on game play.

    I myself am 37, a secondary English teacher, 14 years married with two little kidlets. Have gamed since 1979--though with a long college/career break in there. Interests: karate, Christianity, literature, & long walks on the beach!