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It is really recommended that you take a look at the original thread to see how this map came together simply to see the background work that has gone not just into the artistic quality but the technical considerations of this map.

The end result is quite stunning and original and shows just how multi-skilled the author of this map is. The number of applications used tells of the author's dedication to create an end result he was happy with. The artistic merit of the map is pure talent of conceiving a result in the mind's eye and realising it to exacting standards.

Naeddyr says:

The projection of the map is done by two Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area hemispheres, arranged south-pole to south-pole (instead of the more usual east-side to west-side rispek yo).

The map is populated by lots of pictures.

I don't think anything on this map has come from anywhere but my own hands. This doesn't even have fontage, because I used a neography (constructed script "conscript") of my own. At the most I traced animal photos to do the animals. The rhino-like creature was based on Dürer's Rhino, the monoceros on a Wikipedia Commons picture of antilopes, the jumping birdwhale on a picture of a jumping orca and the gripps on dinosaur paintings. The mountains are hand-drawn, but the cities and trees I made brushes for.

I am quite happy with the human figures because I didn't use any model for them. The hands on the Sealer (upper left corner) turned out surprisingly well in retrospect.

Some of the images on the map depict general knowledge about the world, but much is specific to the creator of the map. Within the story of Ysi, this map is unique -- there is no other world map on that Earth. Its creation is a consequence of my novel, King of Nowhere, and later stories
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