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    Post New World WIP - Eurosivarae

    So I decided to start a new WIP on a global level. In some ways, it is an old WIP that I abandoned a couple years ago mostly because I didn't like the direction it was going. At that time, I was a bit limited with my software and really wasn't able to keep things progressing in a way that I not only liked, but in a way that made sense on a geological level. After working on Vallee Mystique with a marginal level of success and reading through a few tutorials by Torq, Waldonrate, RobA, dhalsimrocks and altasilvapuer, I've come up with a new approach that I intend to explore through this thread. If everything works out in the way that I hope, I'll eventually create a Tutorial for this process.

    In a nutshell, I'll be combining FTPro, Wilbur, GIMP and Terragen to create and develop the world from start to finish, using some of the techniques described in various tutorials by the aforementioned members. But first, a brief bit of background regarding Eurosivarae.

    Eurosivarae is an Earth-like planet orbiting a Sol-like star. It is, as of this writing, a fair bit younger than Earth and possessed of a fantastical element (as yet unrefined) that allows for the existence of magic. As for the populace, there is definitely a human element as well as a fae element, however, the fae element hasn't been fully defined just yet. More than likely, it will be tied very closely to the "magic" element of the world and, perhaps, find some of its source in the human element as well. (In a rough, think of the Coldfire Trilogy by C.S. Friedman with some serious tweaking)

    Up to this point, I've worked up the initial fractal generation of the world in FTPro and cycled through a few Land Expansions to give myself some room to work. The next major step is going to consist of determining the nature of any potential continental movement and what portions of the land masses will need to be trimmed to create that impression. In addition to this, I'll be looking for locations for any significant fault lines that will be effecting the overall appearance of the world. For now, here are the initial renders using one of Bill Roach's lighting files from the Terraformer add-on for FTPro.

    As always, comments, crits and suggestions are welcome as this is likely to be a fairly long and detailed project.

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