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    I'm a huge enthusiast of maps and anything geographical, ironically however I have very little knowledge on the average land mass required for proper growth of sedentary organisms. Stuff like that and scale in general just kick the crap out of me, but I love to give it a shot through the written word.

    Personally I work on a one man project known as "Spelunking the Universe" over at I've managed to update once a day every day for the last 100 days for the exception of one time fairly recently (I lost track of time). I'm genuinely interested in just about anything that could be thought about, which is essentially anything on the face of the Earth and beyond.

    The main reason I'm here is I am working on a book series known as the Isles of Scion. Which is the title of my website, since I was little I used to dream about this universe of my own and I've finally gotten the energy to try and make it something. However my artistic skills are on par with a two year old after a 12 pack of butterfingers. Lines are squiggling about, my patience runs thin while drawing buildings, and I'll be damned if I can pull off a shoreline that looks reasonable.

    I'm hoping that by posting my bastardizations of cartography that someone here can help me out and produce something that at least respects folks sense for space and size.

    I don't know how much monetary investment I'll be able to put into my requests (college student who wasn't eligible for student loans) however under the assumption that I will publish these novels as I go along I'll give full credit for the final products to the folks who help me out.

    At any rate I imagine this was a bit more than is expected on an intro. But I've heard many good things about this place and so I have high hopes.

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    Well, first things first... Welcome to the Guild.

    Second, and first suggestion, is to check out the Tutorial forum for ways to get things done with many different programs. Hand drawn too. Check out the software section for descriptions of the various progs out there.

    Third, If money is a factor, I would suggest getting both Gimp (for rendering stuff) and Inkscape for the line art and texting. The advantage that both of these progs have for the fiscally challenged is the they are FREE!!! that always fits the budget

    Fourth, Post the maps as you are working on them so we can give pointers and or praise as requires

    Have fun mapping what the Mind sees!
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    Can't add any more to the great advice that Korash has given save to say that you do not need to be able to draw to produce a good looking map.

    Welcome to the Guild!

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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Welcome to the Guild!
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