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Thread: April/May - A One Story Building Entry - Mages House

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    Post April/May - A One Story Building Entry - Mages House

    Here is Silmar the mages house. I used Google Sketchup to model the house. Most of the other objects and textures I found at the Dundjinni forums, and did some adjustments and fine tuning in Photoshop.

    I read all the suggestions in my previous thread and made the changes to my mages's house. As much a I liked the first version the suggestions did make it better, so thank you to all who offered their ideas.
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    Good stuff, it's nice to know how many different programs can be used to whip up something pretty cool.
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    Looking good. I like the way everything meshes together in a coherent style - much better than my collection of imports. Did you draw the elements yourself?

    Just one point of practicality - in a small cottage like this, the stove would provide more than adequate heat and has the added practicality that you can just drop a pot or kettle on it whenever you need to. If the house had a hearth at all, it would be in the bedroom.

    However, since the corridor serves no obvious purpose, I think the bedroom might be enlarged and the stove moved across so that it backs onto the bedroom, conducting heat through the wall and removing the need for a fireplace at all.

    That's just architectural nitpicking though; it's a really nice map.
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    Thanks for the suggestions Icosahedron. I really liked the one about removing the hallway and making the bedroom larger, which I did. I also moved the stove next to the bedroom. I understand what you are saying about the fireplace, but I like the way it looks. Again thanks for the suggestions they did make the map better.

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    Well done...
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