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    EDIT 04-05-2009
    Due to constructive criticism in this thread I deleted the old version of this map and uploaded a new version with some minor tweaks

    Another one bites the dust... and I am quite pleased with how this one turned out.

    The city of Groenwoud
    Groenwoud (Greenwood) is a town that was founded near the largest forest in the world. It has seen hundreds of years of logging and a lot of the once proud forest has dissappeared. The wood was either launched into the river that flows to the Valley or transported by wagon or horse. Lumber camps are located all around the city. The city is heavily industrialised and has several watermills.

    Groenwoud was never a happy place to reside. Conditions were harsh - it's winter most of the time of the year - and the work there was very dangerous. That's why the wizards sent a lot of slaves, although there were also large classes of freemen and citizens. No food can be grown due to the climate, so everything has to be imported.

    With the forests in the Valley itself rapidly dissappearing Groenwoud became more and more important. The city has seen a lot of conflict between ruling wizards and it was even pillaged a few times. As the city can be easily cut off from the Valley, it has also seen more than a dozen famines.

    It was in this city that a revolution started, that eventually swept through the Valley and ended the reign of the wizard lords.
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