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    Sorry I disappeared. I've been off doing many things , just finished three scripts for script frenzy, I'm moving into a new place and then there is this

    one of two web comics I work on regularly and I'm working on a variety of three differant types of word puzzles each day, I'm hoping to get in with a few periodicals making puzzles for them.

    but now that script frenzy is over I should be in here more often.

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    Welcome back.
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    thanks, I am around I've just sort of been hovering in the background.

    Most of my painting supplies are in boxes right now, still a no go on a working computer yet, and the current monthly challenge is not suited to my current knowhow.

    But fear not the new place I'm moving into is sufficiently sized to allow me to set a wall for displaying cartography spiff, and some sort of work area to proceed with projects of all sorts.

    I should be able to get some kind of computer at least up and running in the next few months maybe. Then it's creative explosion time.

    My new housemates are computer geeks too so I imagine I'll be picking up enough info and technique to broaden my abilities for both map and non-map projects.

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    Welcome back, Rovingjack. Moving, huh. I see you're living up to your username. Best of luck with the move (moving can be such a drag)! I hope to see some more of your work in the future.

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