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    Howdy all...

    So after a rather long hiatus, I have returned to the realm of DnD. Last I played it was 2e. Having checked out 4e, I think it looks awesome, and am very anxious to get back in the groove.

    Unfortunately back in the day I did everything by hand. All maps included. I even designed my own weapons. I'm looking forward to making some new maps with the aid of some sweet looking technology, and this guild.

    I'll be sure to post something once I get something underway! Or if by some random chance I dig up any old maps...

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    Welcome to the guild. Poke around and post up some of those old maps if you find them. Chime in wherever you want but be positive and have fun. Cheers.
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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Welcome to the Guild!
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    Welcome back to the D&D world. 4E certainly does look pretty. I hope you enjoy it over here.

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