The first place winner gets to choose any THREE items,
The second place winner gets to choose TWO,
and the third place winner gets to choose ONE

Note that some items count as two, and in some cases multiple items are
bundled to count as one.

RPG and Mapmaking Books:

You can choose paper books or PDFs if the latter are available.

Wizards of the Coast
Note: Wizards no longer sells PDFs
4th Edition Core Rulebook Gift Set (Dungeon Master's Guide, Player's
Handbook, Monster Manual) (counts as one item)
4th Edition Player's Handbook 2 + 4th Edition Monster Manual 2 (counts as
one item)

Kenzer and Company
Aces and Eights - the Shattered Frontier(hardcover)
Aces and Eights - Player's Guidebook plus the Showdown supplement plus one
set vintage western playing cards used to determine random outcomes in the
game (counts as one item).

Call of Cthulhu softcover 6th edition plus the Gamemaster's Pack (counts
as one item)
Metacreator Call of Cthulhu Software plus the Gamemaster's Pack (counts as
one item)
Pick any TWO Cthulhu supplments from Chaosium's web catalog adding up to
<$50 (counts as 1 item).

Mongoose Publishing
Pick ANY combination of RPG books from Mongoose's online catalog that adds
up to <$50 US to count as one item.
(includes Traveller, Bablylon 5, Paranoia, Conan, Hawkmoon, others)

Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Basic Set "Characters" and "Campaigns" bundle (counts as one items)
Any combination of GURPs supplements adding up to <$50 US on the SJ Games
website (counts as 1 item).

Cartography Books
Mapping the World, an Illustrated History of Cartography (Ralph
Ehrenberg), plus The Map book (Peter Barber); Two count as one item.
Elements of Cartography (Robinson et al.) This one counts as two items.

Electronic RPG gaming resources:

Mapping software package (Mac or PC) + Campaign Art Pack
Any five individual supplemental packs: Art, Token, or Adventure (four
count as one item)(the castle-temple-villiage bundle counts as three of

Profantasy Software
World Builder Bundle (counts as 3 items) - Campaign Cartographer 3,
Fractal Terrains Pro, City Designer Pro, Dungeon Designer 3.
The Source Maps Bundle (counts as 2 items) - Castles, Temples, Tombs &
Catacombs, Cities
The Annual bundle (current subscription or past collections)(counts as 2
itmes) - each issue contains tutorials, tools, maps, contests etc.

Paper Gaming Magazine subscriptions:

Knights of the Dinner Table (KODT). 1 yr subscription, 12 issues, paper
only from Kenzer @ Co. The popular KODT comic strips plus numerous RPG
related articles.
Kobold Quarterly. 2 yr subscription, 8 issues, print + PDF, includes set
of 7 dice. From Open Design. General RPG gaming magazine.
Pathfinder. 1 yr subscription, 12 issues from Paizo. Adventure paths only,
successor to the old multi-month adventure paths that used to appear in
Dungeon magazine, done by
the same staff. (counts as two items.)
DragonRoots. Four issue subscription, print + free pdfs, starting with
current or any past issue. Advertises 64 pages of pure content per issue.