I was going through satellite images today, trying to get a better feel for what satellites show us as our Earth, and found a couple good ones that I've decided to share.

If anyone else has any reference images they have spirited away that would fit well into this collection, just post them here, and I'll try to keep the list updated.

The first, from Wikimedia's database, is a gif that appears to be a procession of the seasons on a composite satellite image of Earth. Definitely useful to anyone attempting world maps with Earth-like climate patterns.
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Name:	Earth-satellite-seasons.gif 
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Next, one of the largest satellite images I was able to find on the web, aside from Google Earth (which I personally think suffers a lot from its level of detail at this range):
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Name:	Earth_satellite_plane.jpg 
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And third is a link to The Living Earth, a website that sells texture maps of the globe. Might be some useful references, here:
The Living Earth - (http://iwake1.temp.veriohosting.com/Texture_Maps_g56.html)