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Thread: Serif Drawplus X3: Anyone Use This?

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    Post Serif Drawplus X3: Anyone Use This?

    I searched the forums but couldn't find anything on this. I have been reading reviews on the lates Serif Drawplus and it looks really tempting. Anyon out there have experience on this new one? I have the free Serif Drawplus 4, but this is version 13, and is supposed to have all kinds of bells and whistles. Any input would be appreciated!

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    Post Ravs uses Serif

    Ravells, one of the CLs here uses Serif DrawPlus, but I don't know which version.

    I use Xara Xtreme Pro, which is very similar, if somewhat more robust, but I don't know about that newest version of Serif.

    Ravs, should drop in here in the next day, and respond, I am sure!

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    And here I am! If you like Drawplus 4, you will love Drawplus X3. What I would do is compare it to Xara (which Gamerprinter uses) to see which works best for you in terms of functionality and price. I was suprised to read this review in which the author says that (for him anyway) Drawplus was ahead of Xara in terms of functionality. What the author does not mention is that Xara supports photoshop plug-ins and Drawplus X3 does not (I've been begging them to put this in for years). For mapping purposes having filter plug-in support is a huge advantage.

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