So, GP guilts me into pitching in on another contest I have no time for. I can't let him walk away with prizes from both the ICE challenge and the CG challenge so here we go - a GP killer

Just at the concept stage right now. A chase over the rooftops from a cathedral under construction to a wizards lab with an experimental airship that the subject is going to use to escape.

On the way I've brainstormed some obstacles:
1. bell tower to start
2. high workplace with scaffolding and planks over large drops. There are safer and more dangerous routes.
3. A crane that can be used to swing across to the next building.
4. Multilevel roofs with slippery tiles and dangerous sky lights
5. Washing lines as zip wires
6. Archers
7. Ladders and planks - do you go back to get the planks or do you just jump the gap.
8. Fantasy penthouse suite - pool, garden, guard dragon.
9. Gargoyles
10. Wizards tower that intermittently gets struck by lightning.
11. Final battle on the platform by the airship.

I've no idea when on earth I'll get this done, but I'll certainly try to get this out for the deadline. It's going to be a lot less detailed than my normal maps, but we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, without any furter ado.

### Latest WIP ###
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