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    Map Vaniya

    This map shows the continent of Southern Vaniya. The WIP thread for this map is located here: Vaniya - WIP

    Vaniya is the land in which the novel I am writing is based. It is a fantasy world in which, although magic exists, it has long since been broken, changed into many different forms that the original users could not comprehend. For decades now the land has been under a terrible blight and the human race is dying out, slowly but surely. The only non-human race in the land are the Mandrai which live in The Ruhks, the great forest to the north. The humans and Mandrai have been at war for many long years.

    The map, although ostensibly for my own benefit as a writing aid, has been decorated a little as if it is a communication between Arcanists, the practitioners of Circle Magic situated on the isle of Maloglash. The idea is that it is used as they attempt to chart the increase in The Blight. To this effect, I have added bits of flavour text to the map (I have increased the visibility on most of these since I last posted, but some are still purposely faint), some of which are directly related to my story.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Vaniya16.jpg 
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    As I said in the WIP thread, this is still a work in progress to be honest, but I have come to a point where I have to stop working on it to the exclusion of all else. So for now, it is complete. I will add and change bits to it as things occur to me but I won't update on here unless something major happens or I reach the point where I can say for definite that it is totally complete.

    The map was created entirely in Photoshop CS. I started with a digital photograph of an outline I drew on paper but this soon changed a lot as work progressed.
    Jeremy Elford's amazing tutorials were my way in to using Photoshop for mapping. I doubt I would have carried on with it, or even started to try, had it not been for those. So thanks for that.
    They can be found for anyone who is yet to see them.

    Fonts used are "IlShakeFest" for the labelling, "Dali" for the flavour text and "Ancestry" for the Cartouche. I believe I got them all from

    Thanks to everyone in the WIP thread who contributed opinions or encouragement - your comments and critique were much appreciated.

    P.s. - I'm not sure what use anyone could get out of this other than me, but if you feel the need then knock yourself out. Just consider it under the usual CC copyright thingymajig that people bang on about around here.
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