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    Map Vaniya by Ramah

    Map (Click to enlarge)

    Created in: Photoshop


    An exquisite map by one of our newest members. It might not look like much to those unfamiliar with making maps but the details are what makes this (along with the color scheme). Look at those mountains and forests! The different shades of green used to denote the countries is subtle but easy to comprehend. Those of us who are utterly familiar with such things can appreciate the passion that goes into making a great piece of art and fretting over these details. Fonts are often selected for their uniqueness and usually are unreadable; but not here. I don't get to use this word often enough but it is completely appropriate here...sublime.

    Ramah says:
    Vaniya is the land in which the novel I am writing is based. It is a fantasy world in which, although magic exists, it has long since been broken, changed into many different forms that the original users could not comprehend. For decades now the land has been under a terrible blight and the human race is dying out, slowly but surely. The only non-human race in the land are the Mandrai which live in The Ruhks, the great forest to the north. The humans and Mandrai have been at war for many long years.

    The map, although ostensibly for my own benefit as a writing aid, has been decorated a little as if it is a communication between Arcanists, the practitioners of Circle Magic situated on the isle of Maloglash. The idea is that it is used as they attempt to chart the increase in The Blight. To this effect, I have added bits of flavour text to the map (I have increased the visibility on most of these since I last posted, but some are still purposely faint), some of which are directly related to my story.

    I, for one, hope we get to see more maps from Ramah and hope that the writing is as good as the map.

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