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Thread: PS Plug-ins Not Working in Xara

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    Okay, I downloaded the Xara trial and like it so far. One of the things that made me want to try it is that it's suppose to support my ps plug-ins. However, when I choose an effect and it takes me to the photoshop effects screen, my image doesn't appear there. Then, if I accept the chosen effect, when I go back to the Xara screen, the chosen object is now black. Anyone know what I did wrong?

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    Post hmmm

    Although I'm not sure what the problem is, let me look at it today and see what's up, being the resident Xara expert I should be able to give you some answer. It should work no problem, but I'll have to see.

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    Any help would be welcome. I wonder if this has anything to do with folder setup? I checked it again, and i believe I placed it in the right place. Or maybe it's an 8 vs 16 bit type of thing? I just dont get it. I want to like this software. I am tempted to order serif drawplus x3 just to try it, since I own Pageplus X2 and love it to pieces. However, I am not company loyalist, and will go to whatever product is the most useful and intuitive for me. I use photoshop for most of my artistic needs, but want a vector program strictly for fantasy rpg maps, from dungeon crawls to starship deck plans. I have just started to get the hang of Inkscape, but would like something more user friendly and with more tools for traditional artists.

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    Post More info please

    While you may have had an install issue, which I cannot answer not knowing how you did with this. It would help me to know which photoshop plug-in you were trying to use and what kind of vector graphic was being employed with the plug-in.

    I just ran some simple tests on Xara using different plug-ins and could not replicate the problem you describe. More info from you might give me better direction in how to help you.

    One more thing, I know that not all PS plug-ins work with Xara.

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