High all.

One of my fellow Indie Publishers has asked me to find a Cartographer for them. They are working on a board game that is a race round the Portland area.

Here is the Email they sent me.

Hi David,

Sorry for the delay. Working two jobs suck. The name of the game is Bridgetown Races and is a tactical racing game set in Portland using a variety of transportation types. The game board would be approx 14" x 24" and be of the Portland area as seen from above. We want the art work to show roads, buildings and bridges. It does not have to be exact duplicate of the city, but should ressemble some of the key landmark buildings and bridges. I would send the artist a copy of the protoype to use as a sample.

The cover of the box would show two bridges with the city in the background. In the middle of each bridge are flags. On one bridge (foreground) a car is racing towards the center and from the opposite direction a motorcycle is racing towards the center. Both have their hands reaching out to grab the flag. On the other bridge (background) a bus and a taxi are doing the same thing. The overall impression is the flag is the target.

I hope this is helpful. Let me know if there are any takers.


Carey Grayson
If you are interested in this job please PM me with your Bid.