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Thread: whats is your favorite published Map

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    Question whats is your favorite published Map

    many many years ago i read a series of choose your own adventure novels called Lone wolf. each novel had a map of a province of the continent of Magnamund. these maps wwere some of the best ive ever seen.
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    That is a gorgeous and imagination-inspiring map.

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    I have to say that my favourite maps have all been tied to great stories.

    I remember dreaming about Earthsea with Le Guin and wondering at a world made up mostly of islands.

    I think the biggest map in my head was the Lord of the Rings Map. I read The Hobbit first and I remember being impressed that the whole first book was such a small part of Tolkien's world. His story and world held so much that it seemed very real. The artwork was great too. Both maps were minimalist line art of great sensitivity. They reflected the sense of the stories they were illustrated and felt right.

    I wonder sometimes if the lustrous full colour almost photo realistic maps are too much? Then I allow myself to be spoiled and just enjoy .

    Today I have to say my favourite fantasy map is probably...

    the Next One....

    Each time I find it.

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    How can you choose just one map?

    One of the most influential maps in my childhood was the map insert on the inside of David Arkenstone's album, In the Wake of the Wind, which was painted by Kenn Backhaus. Unfortunately there are no pictures of it on the internet that I could find. It's a very illustrative map of a fantasy land with a sort of Mediterranean feel.

    I can also claim to have been very influenced by the maps of Elisa Mitchell from the Wheel of Time books, particularly the city maps. (They are the black and white ones at this link.)

    I also really dug the city map of Basilica in Orson Scott Card's Homecoming series.
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    I don't think I really have a favorite - in some ways the novels without maps (like Chronicles of the Black Company) prod me to picture the map in my mind based on the text rather than a graphical representation, but at the same time it would be nice to see what that particular world is supposed look like.
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    I remain unimpressed by most maps in books...
    The latest map I fell in love with:


    I would love to be able to map like that
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    Mine isn't really a map per se, but an marble. I could look at satellite shots of earth all day long (hence my style). The only 2 maps that I have any particular fondness for are the cloth map that came with Ultima 4 (still have my pewter ankh that came with it too) and the Shelley Shapiro maps for the Belgariad (mainly cuz I looked at them a million times).
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    Post sweet

    man some of those maps were pretty sweet. i really liked the nightfall one.

    guyanonymous: that one was really good but i was thinking of the smaller regional maps, heres the first and most favorite:

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    I think the map that has most influenced me is Pete Fenlon's poster map of Middle Earth that came in my MERP boxed set, along with all the regional maps he made for that game. Someday I'm going to get that thing framed and hang it up, even with all the use it's seen.

    As for a favorite, I don't think I could really choose. There are so many maps, and they all have a different sort of character. I obviously liked Elisa Mitchell's painting of "Randland" well enough to make an Illustrator rendition of it. Tolkien's original maps are beautiful, and, of course, there are many historical maps to admire. I have a print of one of John Speed's maps hanging in my bedroom that I quite like. I think I posted some snapshots of it here some time ago.

    I haven't yet gotten around to going in, but there's an antique maps shop about two miles from my apartment that I've been looking forward to dropping in on. If I ever get a reprieve from homework, I'm walking down there to check it out, in the hopes of finding a new favorite cartographer. Unfortunately, I won't be able to afford to spend any money in there.
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