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Thread: Youth Map Gallery\Competition Ideas

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    Post Youth Map Gallery\Competition Ideas

    This was brought up in another thread but I think the budding young artist deserves protection from thread jacking .

    The idea of a children's map challenge strikes me as a worthwhile event. It might be better done with a possible Email address - say '' to work in conjunction with the normal forum entried. We could have a 2 month challenge with 'awards' every 2 weeks.

    Adults might play a fairly large motivational\organizational role with something like this. They could enter them here or send them by email and we'd have a gallery everyone could view. Based on the entrees we could come up with categories - biggest world, most monsters, best colours etc.... Hopefully there would be a lot of good things we could say.

    Assuming Arcana is hipped on the idea, it would be elegant if we could tie it to a day in the year... Ideas? and then give interested people a little warning. A lot of adults might want something to teach the children while they encourage them to map.

    I have no idea how many children are within ear shot to participate. Anyone know?


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    And for bonus challenges...

    A mouse's world in the walls of your house.
    From my room to the hidden cookie jar.
    Avoid the bullies! A map of your school.

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    Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go.
    Make a castle.
    Map the neighborhood.
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    Sounds good, i just asked my daughter (she is 11) and she has already been bugging me about my maps, and how i do it, so she is in.

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    Your room is the battlefield between toy soldiers....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigurd View Post
    This was brought up in another thread but I think the budding young artist deserves protection from thread jacking .
    Yeah, I kind of thought of that, as I was jacking his thread!

    Favorite fairy tale? Though I don't know if fairy tales are told to kids anymore - little red riding hood, 3 little bears, etc.

    It all seems good though!


    PS: no kids myself, I've got nephews though! Got both of them to play with Campaign Cartographers and Fractal Mapper, and Dundjinni, so they know how to make maps too!
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    Kids still love 'em...

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    Excellent idea!

    I have two nephews, ages 9 and 6, who might be very interested in this, with Uncle Jaerdaph's encouragement.
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    Sounds Good to Me!
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    Maybe have each kid make a 'Bridge to Terabithia' map of a fantasized world based on the surroundings of their house.

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