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    Post Star maps

    Found these on reddit:

    Some commercial (posters from cafepress) and free maps, real and sci fi:

    Some info about making the maps:
    My random map generators and GIMP scripts:

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    Woooo. I've seen both of those before and they are great. The last one (along with another site that I think I posted a link to in another thread) led me to write up a little javascript to calculate stellar positions based on either RA, DEC and Paralax or Cartesian Co-ordinates. There's still a couple of bugs in it that I haven't quite worked out yet, but eventually it will even go so far as to plot those positions on a polar graph or a equirectangular graph (the concept here being what would be seen from a particular perspective) and create data tables for those positions. It's crazy math intensive, but has been a great help in some of the sci-fi projects I've been working on.

    Thumbs up for the links!

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