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    Wip Another one? so bored

    OK time for another random regional map, this time more realistic than my previous hand-drawn/stylized maps. I tried using overlordchuck's tutorial in making this map.

    Anyway, the map's definitely not done yet (add another to my WIPs) as you can see from the stupid-looking photoshop forests and the badly made ocean/deserts and no labels.

    Anyways this is the world map for a (hypothetical lol) online RPG... it is centered around a large sea... the scale of the entire map is probably 1200x800 miles making it roughly the size of the northeast USA + Quebec/Ontario. The time period is closer to modern/scifi (maybe around the mid 2000s in Earth time, say 2040) with some of the main issues of the time being the use of robots in the military, protection of natural landscapes against increasing urbanization, standardization of robot production (i.e. standard robot models instead of various ones made by different companies), globalization of government, creation of artificial brains based on recent bounds in neuroscience, uploading brains to computers to give people a type of immortality (just a theory at the time), and regulation of the Hub, the future successor to the internet where people surf the web in virtual reality with created 'avatars' or virtual representations of themselves on the internet able to fight (and get 'deleted,' killing the user - fighting avatars is a sort of sport in this world, however the fights are extremely closely regulated to ensure that no one gets deleted). Rumors have been circulating that the some robotics companies are in the process of creating artificial intelligences.

    Oh and I forgot new directed-energy handheld weapons as opposed to older projectile weapons

    For landscapes I'm thinking mostly metropolitan/urban set in a central-american environment (some of the land resembles panama a lot as you probably noticed)...


    anyways I just came up with this stuff while drawing the map, lol

    I hate it when I start to ramble on about this stuff
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