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    Wip My world

    This is a rough outline of the world I have in mind for the story I've been working on for quite some time now. I initially decided to map it out because I had been stuck with severe writers' block for the last few months and felt that if I had a clearer picture of what my world looks like, I would be better able to overcome said block. I have to say that it's been working so far, as I have had quite a few good ideas in the last few weeks of rough doodling, trying to get the continents how I want them. I don't have access to a tablet, and drawing with a mouse has never worked well for me, so this was initially a pen sketch that I scanned in. The attached pictures are just rough sketches that I have been playing around with in MSPaint. I have a better scan that I'm working on at home, but I couldn't wait til I got home to play around with it

    Attached are just a basic coastline sketch, with the region I plan on focusing on first blocked out, as well as a very rough first attempt at figuring out mountains, rivers, forests, etc.

    As it stands I am fairly satisfied with the eastern landmasses, not so much with the western continents. As I am focusing mostly in the east for now, I'm not too worried, unless I start feeling really ambitious, and decide to flesh out the whole world at once

    Right now I am trying to decide what style map I would like to do. Since this is a fantasy novel, I think that a more artistic style would suit, rather than a more atlas style.

    Any C&C, feedback, what-have-you, much more than welcome
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    Just one comment...looks pretty good. So I'll just watch as you flesh it out.
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    Another one to put in the 'keep an eye on' file.
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