Hello! I am brand new to the board and I cannot say how excited I am about finding such a wealth of resources all in one place. I just started playing D&D and was stumped about how I was going to handle all the maps until I found out about the Cartographer's Guild through Penny Arcade. Anyway, I'm psyched to be here.

The question I have pertains to the printing of many of the maps that I've found and would like to use. Obviously, the maps need to be printed to scale to be used with minis and the like, but I am somewhat of a dunce in this particular area of technology, with almost no knowledge at all about how this should be done. Is there a tried and true way that I don't know of, or is case-specific depending on each map that I'd like to use?

I hope I'm not repeating a question asked again and again but I searched the forums and did not find an answer that I found satisfactory. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!