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    Map Forest Trail

    I have another map finished for you all. A simple Forest trail. Hope you like it..
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    Map And with a grid

    And here it is with a grid added.
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    That's another greap map! More rep coming your way.
    The leafs on the trees have beautiful colors and it's almost photorealistic.
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    Beautiful...looked very much like a photo
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    Is that a little stream running next to your trail? What is your scale? 5' or 10' grid?

    What software do you use to create these? (Edit, NM, I tracked down your answer in your Cottage thread. This question would get asked less if you included it in your profile.)

    As your first, this is extremely beautiful. I would love to see your next in the Battle map or Encounter Map WIP forum so that we could see your process.

    Cheers and Map on!
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    Great map - with beautiful colours. My concern with it's use as a battlemap is that players have a disturbing habit of running off into the trees. Here we can't see where the tree trunks are - the important factor for cover - and the grid disappears. It's very pretty, very very pretty. However there may well be trouble when this is used as a battlemap. Also, I'd suggest the grid could be light rather than dark. It gets a bit lost in the grass regions.

    Nonetheless, and exceedingly beautiful map. Good work.

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    Dude, this is more like aerial photography Repped!
    I agree with Torstan that the grid could be more visible. I don't really see the lack of trunks as a problem. In our gaming group we often just give anyone a cover bonus for being in a forested area, assuming it's dense enough to always have some trunk in front of you
    Slightly less accurate o'course, but it works for us.
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