Name's Dannad... long time lurker and appreciator, first time poster. I was just kicking around an idea for a upcoming series of DnD 4th ed stuff I will be running with some of my online buddies (we're using RpTool's Maptools as our virtual tabletop). It looks like they're interested in playing something I suggested just offhand... and now I'm in a pickle!

They got interested in playing, basically, a 4e version of Blood Bowl. Some of you are probably familiar with the concept... suffice to say, it's going to be quite different in rules and layout from the original - but I digress. Onto the problem.

I need to make Arenas. The basic size and scale of the arenas should be roughly the same - but with enough variation in the content and layout to provide some different challenges.

The concept - thus far - is that the emperor of the setting has re-opened the long-abandoned blood sport of "Blood Bowl" in a Bread-and-Circuses maneuver to keep the populace happy. The city states in that empire have eagerly scrambled to form teams to compete against one-another - to vie for status, revenue, and favor with the bloodthirsty emperor. Think of it like the NFL, for gladiators.

That said - My challenge is a tall order... I'll need about .. lets say 7 arenas. They have to have a baseline of similarity, so that the players get some familiarity with the tactics and layout - but have to be diverse enough to show the personality of the "home team" that resides therein.

Any thoughts as to where I could begin? I don't necessarily want handouts - I certainly wouldn't refuse them though (haha... gotta ask, or you never get!). More or less I am just using this place to get and bounce off ideas. Certainly any WIP I have I'll put up - and I'd encourage anyone interested in this project to do the same.

Thanks in advance, I hope to have some insightful and helpful discussion. I know this community is one of the best!