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Thread: Kobold Hall

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    Map Kobold Hall

    A friend of mine needed a map for maptool. The Kobold Hall from the 4e DMG. I need the practice at dungeon maps, so I thought I'd give it a go.
    Instead of attach it, I'll post a link as it's quite big:

    First dungeon map I've actually finished in photoshop. Not happy with the stairs, but I thought I'd go with the d&d style ones. Not all furniture is on there, as the person who wanted it will be adding most of it seperately in maptool.

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    Nice stuff Larb. I think the stairs are quite ok, as there's no doubt as to what they are.
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    Looks pretty nice...
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    This does look nice; simple, clean, and pretty...excellent job.
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    Ya I agree its a nice map. I like it, it has an oldschool feel to it, but at the same time it doesn't.
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    Yeah, nice job. I especially like the rough masonry that's in some of the halls.

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