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    Post Hi everyone


    I'm Fred, 36yo, french guy living DownUnder for a while. We've got 4 children and try to enjoy this country as much as we can.
    Rpg and drawing have been in my hobbies for more than 20years now. Because of the lack of time we all face when we are parents, I can't play Rpg anymore and focus now only on drawing and writing adventures for a RPG called "Midnight".

    I've recently done some artworks for my adventures and wanted to share them with you. I must admit that ICE artworks from Rolemaster and MERP range have always been my favorite, the old school illustrations, as we say.
    I hope you will like them;image;image

    I've got many many more but I guess it's not the perfect thread to show them.

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    Welcome to the Guild!
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    Hi Dain, and welcome! Absoultely beautiful work you have there. The map of Cambrial and the isometric renders of buildings are my favourites. You are a very talented artist! You're not an architect or professional illustrator by any chance? The quality of the drawings is second to none.

    A very warm welcome to the guild and have some rep!


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    Welcome Aboard!

    Some really nice stuff there, looking forward to seeing more of your work.
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    Absolutely fabulous stuff you have there. I am not artist, but I know how to appreciate well-made art, and your stuff is top-rate. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it with us and welcome to the guild.

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