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    Post Hello there

    I'm a dane with a penchant for roleplaying and world building. My current tools for mapping is campaign cartographer combined with

    For my current fantasy roleplaying campaign, I'm using an alternate Europe as a setting.

    As a player handout, I made this map in CC, with the text added in

    But joining up, I thought I could spruce it up. So, I started up trying for something like the style in Ascension's "Antique-style maps in Photoshop" tutorial, using the original outline as the baseline, and kinda sorta following the tutorial where I could in

    Which ended up giving me attachment 1 (map2.png).

    But I didn't think it looked quite like what I wanted. A bit too modern. So I tweaked it some more and ended up with attachment 2 (map3.png). Which I'm quite satisfied with. Though I think I might keep tweaking. It's addictive.
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    Those are very nice nice, Rubberduck. What is the time period you are playing for your alternate Europe?

    We always enjoy seeing new maps, especially with first posts.

    Welcome to The Guild.
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    Thank you

    The time period is a mix of stuff between 1600 and 1800, though probably closest to 1600 concerning technology and such. The thirty years' war has just ended, but the French revolution might be just around the corner. And in-setting its only about 1000 years since the fall of their equivalent of the Roman empire.

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    I am assuming this is done on CC3? IF so, have you thought of merging your two styles together to form a Mercator style?
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    Actually, with the new maps, the only thing that was done in CC3 is the shape of the landmass. Everything else was done in

    I might try out a Mercator map when I have a bit of time.

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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Ahh! Takes me back to the days of my Pseudonapoleonic wargames. I could game there myself.

    Welcome, Rubberduck. I like Map 2, but I'm a science philistine who prefers function to form.

    Just a couple of queries - I see from the outlines that mapping is imprecise in your game period, but...

    You have the Principality of Moldavia shown twice, and the island labelled as Malta looks like Crete. Malta should be much smaller and about where the S of Mediterranean Sea is.
    Are these 'variations' deliberate?
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    Not deliberate I'm afraid. Mistakes in the first map that then got copied to the new ones. The western Moldavia should be Wallachia, and you are correct about Malta/Crete. Thank you for pointing them out.

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    If you have any serious upgrades planned for you map, post it in a WIP and let the community help you along. As it is, your "cleaned up" map is SWEET! I love it.

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    Good stuff there. That second one, the parchment style, is particularly nice.
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