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Thread: My star system map, spelljammer like

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    Map My star system map, spelljammer like

    Here it is
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    Nice... a couple of little things I noticed.

    It seems you misspelled 'Sanctuary' and when I zoom in to full resolution your text gets a little blurry.
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    Allow me to just say that this is a fine map. The blurry text and misspelling can hopefully be fixed easy enough. As for composition and straight up appeal, this map is beautiful. Rep to you.

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    Post blurry text

    yeah the text thing is driving me nuts. every time i run any filters or convert doc. to different format the text gets blurry. i have not figured it out yet.

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    Nice map. It takes me back to my days playing Spelljammer AD&D.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turgenev View Post
    Nice map. It takes me back to my days playing Spelljammer AD&D.
    It certainly does look a lot like Spelljammer. I love the individual worlds. The sheer number of them in one place reminds me most of The Astromundi Cluster (which had more celestial bodies than you could shake a stick at).

    Out of interest, what is the stuff around the border? Is that just decoration, or is it some sort of wildspace mist?
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    thanks every one. the mist around the border is just decoration.

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