Start military voice/

Alright maggots! I mean members. I'm in charge of dis month's trainin exerceise. I mean challenge. Dis one is quite simple - draw somethin dat can be used as a home away from home. As Pvt. Talroth says:

Design a home that you can always have access to while traveling on about your adventures. Your home must be able to follow you anywhere in the world your characters can travel, within reason such as trips into caves or similar confined spaces you might not be able to take it. Sailing ship, Airship, Space ship, Winnebago, Yurt, portable hole in space that leads to your back door to the manor house. Whatever you call home it should have an interior layout with details, and optional exterior views.
Air Marshall Ascension prefers an SR-71 Blackbird as his home but you worms might want somethin more comfortable n roomy so that you can throw yer junk around. You can draw Babba Yaga's chicken-legged walkin house or you can draw some fancy schmancy star cruiser or anythin in between. Heck, you could just draw a bivouac and some sort of magic stone that teleports ya back to it.

I'm lookin fer a good quarter master so I need to see things like latrines, mess halls, bunks, storage, and other such stuff as makes a good base camp, er home. Any genre, any style, any software (or pencil fer dat matter), can be used. Dis one should not have any questions, draw something that you can live in -- pretty simple.

Pvt. Talroth says to give bonus points for backstory and other such filler...he must fancy himself some sort of hoitey-toitey writer-type guy. General Steel has offered up a $35 gift certificate for I.C.E. stuff as a way to motivate y'all. I'll be closin dis here exercise sometime on Sunday da 28th. Dat gives ya three weeks. So git crackin n make dat dream home ya always wanted.

/End military voice

1. Draw a structure -- house, castle, tent, starship, Winnebago, anything that one can live in.
2. Devise a plot device for accessing said structure -- magic scroll, teleport stone, really cool whistling, anything really just be creative. Bonus points for story to go along with the entry.
3. Any genre, any style, any way you want to do it, no rights or wrongs here.
4. $35 gift certificate for I.C.E. goes to the winner, so take a look at that link and see if you want some of that nice stuff.
5. Entrants must start a new thread (in the Current Mapping Challenge subforum) and title it "June Entry - insert your title here" without the quotes of course.
6. Entrants must add the proper tag to a map that they upload so that the program can compile the thumbnail images properly (add this part at the very end of the post):

"### Latest WIP ###" without the quotes of course.