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Thread: Opening AI files in Inkscape -- all layers lost?

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    Post Opening AI files in Inkscape -- all layers lost?

    Hi, I'm new here and I would really appreciate it if someone could answer this question. My map-in-progress is saved in AI format, but I don't have access to Illustrator any more and I would like to use Inkscape to edit it instead. However, when I open my AI file in Inkscape, all of the objects on my map -- rivers, cities, borders, and all the hidden working layers that aren't supposed to show up -- turn up on one single layer! Does anyone know how to open AI files with layers in Inkscape?


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    I know next to nothing regarding Inkscape, but we do have a few regular's here who are quite skilled with it. I'm sure they will be along and answer your questions.
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    I think you'll need someone with illustrator to rearrange your file and save it out into a more inkscape friendly format.

    Anyone have a thumbnail description of the intelligent way to do this?


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