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Thread: Photoshop Mapping.

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    Help Photoshop Mapping.

    Hello everyone,
    I'm so stuck with photoshop and creating maps, it's just one thing that stops me from doing it, and its the very start
    I dont understand this -
    2. First off, letís set up the document: 2000 X 2000 at 300 ppi, rgb mode, 8 bit. Set colors to black and white. Filter > Render > Clouds ((pic antique 1)). Copy this layer. Create a new blank layer. Edit > Fill = 50% gray. On the layers palette, set the mode to Hard Mix, this gives us a black and white interpretation of the underlying clouds

    When it says Copy This Layer, does that mean i just copy everything thats in that layer with the Rectangular Marquee tool and then create a new layer then Edit>Fill? = 50% grey. When i do that, nothing comes up in my new layer?

    Please help a newbie out!

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    It means duplicate the layer. On the layers palette (not the image itself), click, hold, and drag the layer to the lil square within a square thingie at the bottom of the layer palette (there are some lil icons across the bottom; a black circle with a calligraphic f for layer styles, a gray square with white circle for layer masks, a folder for grouping layers, a half black and white circle for adjustment layers, a square within a square to create a new layer, and a trash can). I should really change that word one of these days.
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    Oh thank you,
    I love your tutorials too!

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    And if you have an active selection when you Ctrl-J, it will copy just that selection to a new layer.
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