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    I just want to point out that we're still doing the thumbnails for the challenge entries. Since there are a lot of new members entering this month I shall explain. After we had a lot of entries one month I made a script which logs in, looks at all the challenge entries, grabs the latest work in progress (WIP) image and formats up a web page. The link is usually in a post from me under the main challenge details but I will post it here too :-

    The thumbnails are provided to give an overview of the running. If you are looking at the thumbnails in preparation of voting in the challenge then please be aware that the images are not guaranteed to be the latest at any instant. They are updated sporadically and an attempt is made to get them correct before voting starts. The name of the entrant links to the thread and the image is the last one the script encountered so check the threads last images when looking to judge them not just the thumb. This is particularly true if you are an early voter. If an entrant, bear this in mind when posting close to the deadline. PM me if your posting 11th hour so I get a heads up that it needs updating.

    The script needs to look for a tag which is the latest WIP image tag that you can put at the end of your post and it will snag it in the formatting.

    The tag is just:
    ### Latest WIP ###

    Simply copy and paste it into your post. The script snags the last one it finds. You need to put a new one in every time you put up a new image that you want to use as a thumbnail.

    The script snags the image immediately following the WIP tag so if there are more than one then it uses the first.

    If you don't post a WIP tag then it will use the last image in your thread whether relevant or from another members reply post.

    The script can only make thumbnails out of attached images on the guild forum. Links to offsite images are skipped.

    Finally, please try not to include the WIP tag in quoted replies as it will look for the next image from that reply !
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