This is a cavern base I'm putting together for my AD&D game. A series of brigands call these caves home. The leader of the brigands is a nasty human Fighter named 'Kraggor the Grim' and his comrades in arms are a Half-Ogre Fighter named 'Tharg the Brute' and a female Troll Shaman named 'Golga'. The cannon fodder include 13 human brigands, 12 orcs, 18 goblin worg-riders and 18 worgs. Kraggor has his own massive worg called Bloodhunt.

This is still a work in progress (I plan on adding a legend and probably a few more details & tweaks here & there). The three dark caves at the top left are where the orcs, goblins and worgs are housed. The top right cave belongs to Kraggor. The small cave under it is where his worg sleeps. Tharg has the cave between Kraggor's and the goblin/worh caves. The two caves at the entrance will be for guards and some sort of alarm mechanism (probably a large brass gong). The two small caves at the bottom middle are for prisoners/hostages. The small cave below the prisoners cave is where the troll Golga lives.

Personally, I think the full version looks better than the thumbnail.

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