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Thread: June Entry : Magical Mungus MushROOM

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    Wip June Entry : Magical Mungus MushROOM

    ***(((Hello again my fellow cartographers, this is my entry for june challenge. It is not done, i still have to install the characters int so the graph is just the place who they got it freshly new. Questions and suggestions are allways welcome)))***

    -Remind me again why are we doing this?- said Sharis to the rest of the party while she was taking her foot out of the stinky shallow poddle on the swamp.

    -Because,- Answered Rogahra, -We don't want to run into the eight necromages on our way back to Phobos. Besides, this place isn't as bad as it looks- and she took some dead fungal vines that where hanging from a branch of her purple dragonborn scales.

    -At least i hope it isn't as bad as it smells.- Finally replied Sharis.

    -Shut up Sharis, you are an Elf, you don't have to worry about sinking on the overly abundant tar pits around here, so stop complaining.- Shouted Mibizet the dwarf, while struggling to walk on the fungi covered, stiky, suspicious ground.

    -... The mushrooms have pretty pretty colors ...- Mumbled the last member of the party, Willow of Ariitan, the mentally challenged half-elven warlock.

    The four adventurers traveled across a god-forsaken place called the Myxomicta Swamp, not because they loved the scenary, but because they knew that their persecutors wouln't dare to enter such a dangerous place. The whole swamp was a forest on its own, but there weren't plants on such forest, only Mushrooms, of every kind, of every species.

    While the party was walking, suddenly Sharis stepped on something furry.

    -What the...?- whispered Sharis as the fluffy thing wrapped around her leg. Then she said on a very soft voice -I really hate this place- The thing that got her dragged her across the stinky swamp, while her companions chased her of. She was smacked against the treelike mushrooms, wich are as stong as reall trees and summerged on the ocational stinky poddle. Sharis took her wand out while being dragged out and shot a magic missile to the furry vine. It instanly let her go and retived a few meters back in to the darkness.

    -Sharis are you OK?- Asked Rogahra drawing her powerfull scimitar.

    -I was dragged by some furry tentacle that i'm praying to Vecna for it to be an upper extremity, i got covered on swamp stinky liquid, and my pride got lost about 30 meters back; ohh yeah, i've never been better. Lets just go of this horrible horrible place.-

    From the bush-like mushrooms where the tentacle retrived a sound emerged like the one no one whats to here in their lives.

    -Willow is scared!- Shouted the half elven warlok while hugging the dwarf.

    -Let go of me- Said the dwarf shaking willow of.

    From the mushrooms a creature emerged. It was bigger than Rogahra by tre heads and much more inmense to the sides. On the upper part ten or so tentacles equal to the one that dragged Sharis slither on the air above the creature. On its center A hue mouth and no visible eyes. It was covered on brown furr.

    -I really, really hate this place- Said Sharis

    -What a cute puppy!!!- Shouted Willow clapping his hands. And the rest of the party just turned for a second to look at him with a "why are we draggin this idiot around us" kind of look.

    The battle rose. The four adventures gave everything they could. Rogahra struct the beast several times with her scimitar, making several devastating strikes on its body. Sharis was angry, and launched missile after missile, and to keep the tentacles from grabbing her again she cut them off conjuring a cloud of daggers over the beast. Meanwhile Mibizet took its axe and helped Rogahra to destroy the beast. Blow after blow The party attacked dodging the attacks of the beast and resisting them when they could. Almos at the end Willow concentrated enought to launch an Eldridch blast trought the beast mouth, making it fly far from the battle field. It then whan down and
    took a Mushtree with it, revealing a secret path.

    -Now that's intresting.- mumbled Mibizet.

    -Can we please go? Im sick of this place- asked Sharis with a bad attitude.

    -Sure just let me look at that over there.- Said Mibizet partially ignoring Sharis.

    On the other side of the broken Mushtree a big red mushroom with white spots stood. An ancient aura emerged from such a place.

    -Feel enything weird Sharis?- Asked Rogahra

    -Well yeah, but i don't know what it is, so be carefull, we don't know if its safe. Did you hear me Willow?... Willow? ... Where is Willow?-

    -Pretty Mushroom you're going to be my friend!!!- Said Willow with joy while rushing to hug the mushroom.

    -You Idiot!!!- Everyone shouted at the same time, but it was too late, Willow hugged the mushroom and instantly dissapeared within the blink of an eye.

    Then the mushroom started to float, aparently it wasn't stuck to the ground at all. After floating vertically for about 5 seconds, the mushroom aproched the adventurers. Everyone stood on defensive possition ready to attack the mushroom. Then from the mushroom itself a voice was heard.

    -Hello guys, i can see you-

    -Willow?- Asked Sharis -Is that you? Where are you?

    -I'm here silly. Look i can see you- said Willow

    Then Sharis touched the mushroom, followed by Rogahra. Instanly they disappeared.

    -Pelor damn it.- Said Mibizet rolling his eyes and putting his axe down to touch the mushroom. He disapeared.

    When he opened his eyes he was on a different place. It was like the interrior of a cave but something felt wrong; the floor the Ceiling, and the walls where made of some kind of living creature. On the center of the room a pool of green liquid and over the pool an orb floating being checked by sharis. On the walls to the other side Some kind of vine formed shelve-like structures wich where ched by Rogahra. Willow was swiming on the green liquid splashing and laughing.

    -Well?- said Mibizet.

    -This is an ancient species of Arcane mushroom, it appears that it can float, and even fly, and the space inside it is expanded, thats why it looks much bigger from the inside.- Explained Sharis.

    -And what's with the ball?- Asked Mibizet

    -It is the Nervous sistem of the Mushroom, it reflects the surroundings like some kind of magical eye and it allows us to control it.-

    -And how do we get out-

    -If i had to guess the circle in wich you're stanting is the door.- answered Sharis

    -So?- said Mibizet

    -We just got ourselves a lair/vehicle/fortress.- Said Rogahra

    -I'm going to call you MUNGUS, and we are going to be friends, and ill hug you and love you and...- Shouted Willow while everyone just nodded in embarrasment.

    -This will proove usefull.- Finally said Sharis.

    ****(((Thank you for reading the back story, this was actually a fictional sequence, thought i took the name of my players characters to work with)))***
    And now let the Graphics come...

    Hoping everyone is doing allright and having fun


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    I really love the story... Willow, the mentally challenged half-elven warlock is epic win!
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    ***(((Hello again my fellow cartographers, here a bring you an advancemente on the Mungus thing)))***

    The storm was roaring across the plains while Mibizet the dwarven figter ran carrying a huge bag. As soon as he crossed a slightly elevated hill he saw it, the Mushroom where he and his party have been living lately. There it was floating on the plain, without moving an inch; as though the storm didn't affect it. Mibizet ran the last 13 yards to the mushroom. Finally he arrived next to it and touched it. Suddenly a voice was heard from the mushroom itself.

    -Password?- the voice of Sharis was heard

    -I'll slith your filthy elven brains out if you don't let me in, how's that for a password?- Said Mibizet angryly completely soaked and gasping.

    -No, thats not it,- Said Sharis, almost enjoying it.

    -Fine! The stupid password is Mungus Pelor Damn it!- Replyed the dwarf

    -Ok, come in-

    In a blink of an eye the dwarf, who was touching the mushroom was transported inside.

    -I really hate elves.- Finally said while emptying the contens of the bag on the floor. It was food, some flasks, supplies in general.

    -Mibi is back!!!- Shouted Willow

    -My name is Mibizet!- turned the angry dwarf

    -Mibi! Mibi! Mibi! Mibi! Mibi! Mibi! Mibi!- Shouted the half elf while clapping his hands.

    -The hell with you people, ill just be sleeping.- And he went to an empty corner and slept.

    -Sharis, i know that you installed an arcane security sistem and you know how to control this thing, buet tell me, why is it that every piece of furniture is yours, i mean you are the only one with a bed.- Said Rogahra to Sharis.

    -Well, thats not true, i got you some straw for you to sleep in and also that metal thing you wanted to bang your wepons with a hammer.- replied sharis

    -Just be patient, will really make this a cosy place to live in while traveling.- Said Finaly Sharis -Besides Willow hasn't complained-

    -Uuuuu! The water is greeeeeeeen! Like grass!- Said Willow while staring at the greenish bright liquid on the center of the room.

    ***((( Well here is my next advancement, hope ill finish this map before the challenge ends)))***

    Please comment!!! everything is usefull!!!

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    This is coming along nicely... your various chairs, etc. could use some shadows though.
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    Hi everyone,

    Few updates, fixed the shadow chair thing, thanks Steel, added a magical light source and a bush, also fixed sime textures; let me know what you think about it, and without further due, here is some more story:

    -That's it Sharis, I won't stand it enymore, either he goes or I go!- Said Mibizet the furious dwarf to the beutifull elven wizard.

    -Well it's not like i retain him here.-

    -He is out of control, i just can't stand him enymore.-

    -You do realise that if we tell him to leave, we will loos every copper piece his family offered for taking him to adventure the world right?- Said Sharis

    -Pelor Damn it!- Said finally the dwarf - ...-

    -Well?- asked Sharis

    -If he tries to cuddle me again i swear to Pelor I'm going to slith his neck-

    In another part of the same Mushroom...

    -I wonder, if the water is green, if i drink it will i be green to?- Said Willow to himself.

    -Don't even think about it boy.- Said Rogahra scraching her dragonborn armpit.

    ***More to come, if i have time***
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