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    Post South Shore Island

    I drew this map of South Shore Island as the First map i have done since joining the Cartographers Guild. So its basically my “Skill o meter” or “Show me what you got” map. It was educational taking a map seriously for the first time in years and I plan to build on that.

    This map is drawn by hand on 4 pieces of paper and then put together on the Computher as well as the text. All advice is more then welcome.
    South Shore Island is named after the fact that it only has a beach on its south shore and has rocky cliffs to the east, north and west. Leaving only the south open for the settlers. This island is one of King Romulus Ghaleheart’s Colonies. Ghaleheart’s kindom itself is quite small and its farms can no longer support its population, so the only way to continue is by colonizing as much of these islands as possible.

    Pirates, Tribes , sea monsters as well as land monsters, rival kingdoms, lost civilizations and hair trigger political relationships make this kingdom and its many colonies very exiting for the kings men, Adventurers and Cartographers alike.

    [Edit] My Apologies for the double link, But it either shows to much detail or not enough, this way the viewer can pick his preference. And its my first attempt at posting a map by use of the forums system.
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    Looks carefree and Nice job. Within a year you'll be schooling us.
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    Repped, as I think it's a great looking map.

    There's only a few labels however, are you keeping it like this? I would expect the towns and some other features to be named.
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    I really like this map as well. It deserves some rep.

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    Basically the map itself is finished, but i will make a version with names later. Ill need to take some time to sit down, think up the names, and I will probably do this once I have began to write the in dept Background for the D&D game.
    But seeing this is a first go, I will probably keep myself busy with the next island for now. I want to see if I can raise the bar a bit with the next one and experiment with different techniques.

    And i would like to say thank you for the rep and the kind judgment.

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    That is a very nice looking map -- very simple and clean. Those northwestern islands are pretty scary-lookin'! I really like the monoliths and the bridge. I think I'd love to see just a few labels, though, yes, I would...
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