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    Post June Entry: Gryphon's Watch

    Khaltyn glanced quickly around at his comrades, all of them were injured to some extent. Danner in particular was in bad shape, the Mountain Troll had caught him square in the ribs and sent the little halfling flying several feet. He lay against a rock hand pressed to his side a tiny bit of bloody froth at one corner of his mouth.

    The trolls were re-grouping, never in all his years had he seen them acting in concert like this. Obviously someone or something was directing them, but who?

    The lead troll, a massive beast encased in bits and pieces of crude armor bellowed and beat his iron-shod club on the ground. Head-sized clods of earth flying in all directions.

    "We can't take another charge from them Knight of Loric," the comment came from his left where the Braydish warrior Shuzata covered his flank. Shuzata's long bone white hair was stained a deep crimson from where he had taken a blow to the head. His helmet and saved him from death, but the cut bled profusely.

    "I know," Khaltyn gasped. "Grab the little one, we're leaving!" He glanced to the right where the others had gathered. "Everyone close in around me, stay within an arms span of me at all costs."

    "What are you going to do?" asked Nandii, Shuzata's long time friend and lover. She was limping badly on an obviously sprained ankle.

    "I'll explain later," Khaltyn replied, "just do it!"

    They had gathered around him and their eyes jerked back an forth between the now advancing trolls and the man who they had chosen as their leader.

    "Get ready!" Khaltyn spat, "If this doesn't work we're all dead!" He dropped his shield off his arm to rest against his leg and grabbed the pommel stone of his sword. The stone twisted in his hand as he muttered the words to activate the enchantment ingrained in the sword at it's forging.

    There has a wrenching feeling, what seemed to be the distant screech of an eagle and all went white. There was a great rushing sound then in the next instant they found themselves in a square chamber walled in stone. They all staggered a bit, some dropping to thier knees.

    "Gods above Khaltyn, what did you do?" Shuzata gasped, "where are we?"

    "Welcome to the Gryphon's Watch my friends."

    The image below is an inset of the island on which Gryphon's Watch is located. Haven't quite worked out how the building will look yet, but I at least wanted to get this part posted.

    So take a look, C&C as always is encouraged.
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