Greetings fellow cartographers! I draw all of my maps by hand in black and white and have recently been introduced to modifying them digitally both to add color and labels. I've come to the decision to purchase software to better aid my work, but I am not entirely sure which program I should use. I have been playing with GIMP 2 and a sample of Corel, but neither offer all of the features I need. While I do want a program that provides high-quality digital duplication of art mediums (oil, water and acrylic paints, charcoal, pencil, pen and ink, etc) the most important feature I require is the ability to add text freely in any direction and with different spacing. So far the two programs I've tried only allow the insertion of text horizontally, but I need to be able to make text curve, stretch, insert vertically, etc to fit properly; especially on terrain maps. I'm thinking that Photoshop may have what I need, but I don't want to spend the money on it until I know it's the right choice.