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Thread: Ambar (made by me)

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    Post Ambar (made by me)

    I think this is the place to put my finished maps.

    Any comments, suggestions or anything are good. please make me know. im new with this, but i like it a lot, i expect to make more in the near future.
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    Congrats on your first map.

    It has potential, but for me, the one thing that is distracting, is the sheer volume of roads and paths compared to the size of the community. As it stands, it is easy to see it was made with the City Maker online applet.

    I think if you were to go over the map, and remove some of the extraneous roads you would get a more organic looking city.

    Good first attempt tho! Congrats!
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    I'll echo what NeonKnight said and add that for me the tree color is a little bright/saturated - I would go with something a bit darker. But that's personal preference.
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    yeah, maybe some of the streets move to a dead point where no houses are near. the reason i use the city maker was that made me a random city, and i was traing to learn how to make that map XD.

    About the trees, any one of you, know how to make a more realistic Texture or brush of trees? because the one i have is the one in the map, and its not the best one XD

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    This is a nice map! I'd reduce the glow you applied to the mountains, if there isn't a specific reason that they look like this. There are also roads showing through the woods. If it isn't supposed to look like this, I'd erase them.

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