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    Map Dungeon for my Game

    I've been working on some maps for my own D&D game. Some were created just for practice, while others were created for specific encounters. This is one of the "practice" maps (this is probably the first map I created on my computer; before this one, all of my maps were hand-drawn on graph paper).

    You can see there's the main map, first. Each of the seperate rooms/areas can be enlarged to "battle grid" scale; I'll include a few of those, but I can't include them all (there is a five attachment limit on the forum).

    I'm new to this site, but it seems that SOP is to post something and then someone will reply with their opinion of it? Hehe.
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    These are pretty nice. Here at the guild we have access to an extra-planar gate to the elemental plane of blood. I'd like to take that blood smear and run it from that altar over to the fire pit in the rooms to the north...with tons of extra blood from said gate. Nice job man and hope we see more from ya.
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    these aren't bad at all, especially if you are starting out, you should see some of my original stuff (one guy said it looked like Zelda threw up on his monitor , he's not in my D&D group anymore ) Anyways just remember practice makes perfect and the How-tos on these forums work wonders....Now I see a rep ding in your near future.
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    Ah, well, thanks! I appreciate the comments.

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