This month's lite challenge is taken from Overwatch's suggestion in the suggestions forum here which got an overwhelming 26 thumbs up and no thumbs down.


Draw an abandoned city, excavated ruins, or the layout of a tomb. This can be a real location, or someplace completely fictional.

Must include:
-A list of major finds and where and/or when they were located at the site. (examples: relics, art, weapons, bones, etc)

-At least one detail presented in exposition. (examples: magnified diagram of the king's tomb, picture of an artifact, photo of the archeologist, etc)


This idea has the potential for yielding some quite beautiful and imaginative results.

Best of luck everyone. Remember if you use pre-fab symbols that are not of your own making, please say so on your entry so voters can take this into account.

The competition will end on or about 10th July.